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iMessage On PC: With an evolution in the world of technology, we have seen many huge changes in the life of a human. This change is to such extent that technology has become a part of one’s life. From kids to the oldies, everyone is somehow related to the technology. Technology has benefited a lot. It has reduced the distance between two people living far away by providing communication facilities.

Communication has been made easier between two different people living at two different people due to the evolution of the technology. Technology gave birth to different means of communication. Earlier there was no hope of contacting people living far away at some distance. From the times of the Kings, letters have been considered the most convenient manner to pass on their message to anyone. Kings use to keep a separate man for the exchange of these messages through royal letters. In the modern world, this separate man is famous with the name of the postman. This postman works as an intermediate between two persons, passing their letters, postcards, and other stuff.

Download iMessage on PC, Android, iPhone & Mac OS


Nowadays, post cards or letters are not the main streams. This is the era of high technology. Mobile phones are there to communicate with each other. You can sit at your home while your friend is in another town or state or even another country, you can contact with through your phone. You can call any person in this whole world at any time. Distance has been broken through these mobile phones. Another feature of mobile phones is that you can text each other too. Texting is a very good mode of communication. You do not need to worry about the availability of another person as you can simply drop your text on his phone. He/she will read the message whenever they get the time to do so.

At the current time, usage of this facility of text messages has been lowered down. Text messages’ place has been taken over by different messaging apps available for all the operating systems such Android, Windows, and iOS. Many messaging applications are available on the Play Store and App Store of Android and iOS respectively. These messaging apps allow you to send messages, images, videos and even GIFs.

If we talk about the iOS devices, the default messaging app available for the Apple users with iOS 5 or above is iMessage. iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by the Apple Inc. exclusively for its iOS users. This iMessage was introduced in the software of iOS back in 2011. iMessage facility is of great use because it has a lot of features which are helpful in so many different ways.

iMessage Features:

iMessage comes with many different features in iOS devices. It is supported by the messages application in iOS 5 and later.

1. The basic feature of iMessage is that it allows the users to send texts, images, videos, documents and gif images to the other iOS or Mac users with the help of an Internet connection or WiFi access. iMessage has simply taken over the traditional SMS/MMS service facility.

2. iMessage allows you to link your messages with an email. This saves your messages in an online drive which provide you an access to these messages and conversations as a backup in case you require it.

3. The outline of this app is impressive. There is a proper differentiation between the messages of sender and receiver. Messages sent by a person are shown on the right side of the screen whereas the messages sender receives are displayed on the left side of the screen.

4. iMessage also allows the users to track their messages using delivery receipts. All the messages sent through iMessage are fully encrypted and have no leakage of privacy.

5. When a proper network connection is not available, iMessage allows the users to use the default SMS messaging services to send the texts. Thus, iMessage provides an alternative option to pass on your messages and keep the communication between two persons alive.

6. iMessage also has a feature of making group chat. Group chat means a chat between more than two persons. In a group chat, as many people can be added who can send messages, images, video and other stuff to a bunch of people at the same time.

iMessage For Android:

There is no official app of iMessage for Android till date. Apple has kept the application exclusive for Apple users itself. Apple has kept the Imessage limited for its users so that the texts can be transferred from one iOS user to other iOS user. Technically there is no way for Android users to use enjoy the services provided by iMessage. Apps which say iMessage works on Android after using them are fake. Avoid using them.

In case Apple Inc decides to release iMessage for Android, then download it from Play Store or a third party store. Steps are given below which shows how to install iMessage on your Android phone.

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Step 2: Search for ‘iMessage’.
  • Step 3: Click on the icon of iMessage and start the installation process by clicking on ‘Install’ button.
  • Step 4: Once the whole process is completed, open it.

That’s it. You will be able to use iMessage on your Android phone. Remember, no legal application of iMessage available on Play Store yet. The steps given above are for the future use when it is released on Play Store.

iMessage for iPhone:

iMessage is without any doubt the best app for iPhone and other iOS devices for the purpose of messaging. iMessage has taken over the typical SMS system in the world of iPhones. For downloading the iMessage on your iPhone, follow the steps which are given below.

  • Step 1: You need to have the iOS 5 or above. If it is not, then you need to upgrade your operating system or download it via iTunes.
  • Step 2: Second step in the process is to set up iMessage on your iPhone. This setting up process is same for every iOS device whether it is iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
    • Setting up iMessage on iPhone
    • 1. From your iPhone home screen, open settings.
    • 2. Scroll through the settings and tap on ‘Messages’.
    • 3. Flip the ON/OFF switch next to ‘iMessage’ so that it’s on.
  • Step 3: iMessage will automatically put your iPhone number or Apppe user ID. If you want to put any other number or ID, you can do it manually too. If you don’t any Apple ID, then you can create a new account.

You are now free to use iMessage and start the conversations. iMessage will be used as any other messaging app on iOS 5 or later.

iMessage For PC:

There are two ways to use iMessage on PC or Laptop.

1. With Mac

2. Without Mac

You can use iMessage with the methods given below. Different ways of using iMessage are given below for Mac users and non mac users.


How to use iMessage on PC with Mac:

If you have both Mac and Windows PC, then follow these steps to use iMessage on your PC. Make sure that both Mac and PC are working properly.

  • Step 1: Download iMessage on your Mac and set up your profile which you want to use for messaging purpose.
  • Step 2: Download Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both Mac and Windows PC.
  • Step 3: After it is downloaded, click on Install button. Once the installation process is completed, launch the application.
  • Step 4: Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac.
  • Step 5: Follow the on screen instructions and finish the installation process.
  • Step 6: Connect the Mac with your PC by using the code.
  • That’s t. Now enjoy iMessage services on your PC.

How to use iMessage on your PC without Mac:

Do not worry if you don’t Mac. You can still use iMessage on your PC without the help of Mac. Follow the steps which are given below.

  • Step 1: First of all you need to download an emulator which will allow you to use iMessage on your PC. You can download iPadian emulator for free from
  • Step 2: Download the .exe file from the given website. Once it is downloaded, install the extension file.
  • Step 3: After the installation process is completed, run the emulator.
  • Step 4: Complete the various formalities by following the on screen instructions such as ‘Agreeing to the terms and conditions’.
  • Step 5: Once the emulator is set up, launch it. Search for ‘iMessage’ from the search bar on the top of screen.
  • Step 6: Now download iMessage and run it via the emulator.
  • That’s it. Now enjoy the experience of iMessage on your PC.


1. Does iMessage count as SMS or data?

2. Can I send iMessage to my friend who’s an Android user?

3. Can I change address associated with iMessage?

Follow these instructions: Setting > Messages > Receive at > Add another email

Add the email you wish to.

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